The Riverpark Farm at the Alexandria Center for Life Science is one of the largest and most urban farming models in New York City. Developed through a partnership between Riverpark restaurant and the Alexandria Center, the Farm supplies fresh produce to the adjacent Riverpark restaurant, under the direction of Chef/Owner Tom Colicchio.

 Riverpark Farm's first location was on a 15,000-square foot plot of what is now Alexandria Center’s West Tower. Due to the economic recession in 2011, construction of the West Tower was temporarily suspended but granted "stalled site" status. New York City granted stalled site status to over 600 construction projects in an effort to make it easier for landowners to resume construction after they had the capital to proceed. Riverpark Farm was the first of these stalled sites to be used for urban agriculture.

In the fall of 2012, construction resumed on the site of the West Tower but thanks to the innovative methods used to build the portable farm, the farm team was able to move the more than 7,000 milk crates in 24 hours.

The Farm reopened in the spring of 2013 in its new location along the North side of the Alexandria Center plaza.

The Farm is a ground breaking example of a stalled site used to stimulate economic activity, benefit the environment, beautify an area, and engage the community. 

Riverpark Farms is proudly run in partnership with Smile Farms & the Center for Family Support to provide developmentally disabled adults with meaningful work throughput their communities. 

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